Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO

Maryland State and District of Columbia AFL-CIO Governance

Convention                                                                               Every 2 years
Term of Elected Offices                                                                    4 years
Determination of Voting Strength                       # of Affiliated Members


Number of MD/DC AFL-CIO Executive Board Members (VPs)        60*    
      Race and Gender:                                  
                Women                                                          25%
                African American                                          31%

      Geographic Breakdown (Constitutional, Area Vice Presidents):
               Central Maryland CLC                                              5
               DelMarVa CLC                                                           5
               Metropolitan Baltimore CLC                                 15
               Metro Washington CLC                                         14
               Western Maryland                                                     5                                                                       

     At Large (4 Executive Officers, 3 Trustees , 1 Retiree Representative,

    5 Constituency Group Representative,  International Union Appoints

    1 for each 10,000 affiliated)                                                                 16*


Executive Officers

 President -   Fred Mason                     

Secretary-Treasurer -   Donna Edwards    

1st Vice President - Ernest R. Grecco

2nd Vice President - Joslyn N. Williams                                                            


Executive Committee

4 Executive Officers and 3 CLC President, 3 Trustees and 1 Retiree       



(MD/DC COPE, Committee on Political Education is composed of Executive Board Members and two (2) additional members Appointed by each CLC)

U.S. President                          National AFL-CIO General Board


U.S. Senate                               MD/DC COPE 

                                                    (Input from National AFL-CIO)


U.S. Congress                         MD/DC COPE 

                                                    (Input from National AFL-CIO,

                                                    considers CLC recommendations)


State Offices                             MD/DC COPE 

                                                    (Considers CLC recommendations)


Local Offices                            CLC COPE

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